Insurance and Reinsurance – Jurisdictional Comparisons

We are proud to have authored the Australian section of a comparative guide to insurance and reinsurance in various jurisdictions around the world, part of the European Lawyer reference series, published in August 2012 by Thomson Reuters. Kathryn Rigney, Tim Price, Paul O’Brien and Julia Turner were all involved in writing our chapter.

The guide provides a summary of the relevant law in each jurisdiction in a standard question and answer format. Topics covered include the sources of insurance and reinsurance law in that jurisdiction, how insurance and reinsurance are regulated, the requirements and features of contracts of insurance and reinsurance and common claims issues. There are twenty two jurisdictions covered including Bermuda, England, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong and Singapore. The guide will be an important resource for anyone who needs to have an understanding of insurance and reinsurance law outside their home jurisdiction.