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Diversity & Inclusion

YPOL is committed to creating a work environment that promotes diversity, equality, respect and inclusion in all aspects of our business and practice.


We are committed to respecting and fostering our employees’ skills and professionalism, regardless of their gender, sexuality, disability, age, ethnicity, religion, or culture.

Our team has and continues to encourage diversity, with many team members proudly from diverse ethnicities. We believe there is no place for discrimination, racism, bullying or victimisation at YPOL or in the practice or business of law.

We respect, encourage, recognise and support (where we are able to do so) the advancement in the profession and the community of LGBTQIA+ community and First Nations and Indigenous people.

Gender Equality

YPOL had adopted the Law Society of New South Wales’ Charter for the Advancement of Women as confirmation of our support for the goals of gender equality. Currently, 44% of our professional staff are female.

We have also encouraged several valuable senior former employees (who left the profession following maternity leave) to return to work with flexible and/or project-driven arrangements. This allowed us to benefit from their experience and talent and gave those employees a rewarding professional experience which (at their choice) was without a binding or permanent commitment.

Their involvement has enriched our work environment, provided mentors for our younger staff, and been well-received by our clients.

Work Life Balance

Our corporate culture celebrates and respects individual legal excellence and professionalism.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a personalised and understanding work environment for our employees to realise their maximum potential.

Our policies encourage individual professionalism and work life balance, supporting staff with flexible work and appropriate maternity and paternity leave and related entitlements.



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