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We act on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants and insurers, as well as providing general advice on defamation and related issues.

We have conducted cases in State and Federal jurisdictions at all levels, from initial pleading disputes to final hearings (including jury trials) and appeals. We have acted in matters involving traditional media and other forms of publication including spoken words, email, intercepted communications, blogs and comments on social media.

Managing Risk

Defamation is about reputational risk. It is a highly specialised and technical area of practice and procedure. It gives rise to unique risks which need to be managed sensitively. Our experience is that defamation disputes rarely arise in isolation, and lateral thinking about ways of resolving them is often rewarded.

Early strategic decisions

We recognize that the outcome of defamation proceedings is more often than not determined by decisions made at a preliminary stage in relation to how the case is framed. Interlocutory determinations can be a pivotal factor in the outcome.

It is important that key strategic decisions are made early with the benefit of careful and detailed advice, including where appropriate with specialist advocacy input. Over the years, we have established strong relationships with leading barristers in the field.

Examples of our work

Our recent involvement in major D&O claims on behalf of insurers includes:

Acting for high-profile individuals against major media outlets, including television, radio, print and electronic media

Conducting the first case involving a claim by a director for indemnity from a company for defamation losses incurred in his role as a director and associated defamation claim

Advising prospective defendants on responses to concerns notices and other threats of litigation

Advising clients about defamation issues arising in broader contexts, including board disputes and disputes involving government, educational, community and religious organisations

Acting for professionals who are subject to defamation claims. This ties in with our professional liability practice, such that we are appointed by and provide advice to insurers whose policyholders are affected

Providing insurers with general defamation advice, coverage advice and individual file review services

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